Refrigerated Storage, High Pressure Pasteurization, and Logistics Services
Universal Pasteurization Company (UPC)

Universal Pasteurization Company, an arm of Universal Cold Storage, was formed in 2010. The opening of UPC gives Food Processors in the Heartland region a new option for enhancing food safety and extending shelf life. Universal is the industry leader when it comes to offering Value-Added Services so, making HPP available to our customer was a natural choice.

Avure 350L at Universal Cold Storage

Benefits to utilizing HPP are as follows:

  • Reduce or eliminate preservatives
  • Quality extension
  • Eliminate post process contamination
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of lactates and diacetates
  • Eliminate the use of chemical preservatives (sorbates, benzoates, etc.)
  • Listeria control for regulatory and import standards
  • Has little/no negative effect organoleptic properties
  • Achieve Clean label status
  • Satisfy the FSIS (USDA) alternative 1 rule for LM control in RTE meats